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Day 95

Posted by whatthekell, 14 December 2012 · 417 views

It's been a while since I posted.  Not much has been happening to blog about.

Things are still going good! I am still getting pimples. Can't wait for that to stop. I just started my 4th month staying on 60mg/day.

I've noticed when I wake up or when I am sitting with my feet up for a while, my achilles tendons are soo stiff and hurt like hell to walk on! it's almost like my ankles are screwed so they can't move. haha. it's kind of funny how i limp around until they loosen up. Sometimes my knees get really stiff too, but both of these don't last long.

My eyes are also dry now. It's kind of uncomfortable. I was supposed to get contacts last week but I decided to wait til after my course. I bought some moisturizing eye drops by Roht-o? It works really well and my eyes feel better instantly.

My derm said something like "well hopefully only 2 more months!"  which actually didn't surprise me. I mean all along he has said 5 months was all I would need, but now that it's only 2 months away, I've been wondering if I would need to stay on a bit longer. Not that I want to endure these muscle pains and stiffness any longer than I have to, but if I'm doing this I want to do it right and make sure this shit is out of my system so I never have to do it again. Ya know? So I have a feeling by month 5 he will say lets tack on another month. He also said I will have mild scarring =/ that kind of upset me. I'm not sure what he meant by that. like those indented scars? or like PIH scars? He did tell me the "discoloration I'm seeing will fade into the background"...which I already know. But wish it would speed up! (who doesn't?) but I know it takes a while. As far as indented scars, I don't have any that I have noticed. I know my right cheek has always had a small area that is kind of different than the rest of my skin from a bad hack job I did to myself in high school. But even that isn't noticeable. So I'm hoping he doesn't mean I'm suddenly gonna start getting those pitted scars? Idk.

Talked to my Psych the other day about coming off my antidepressant. We both agreed to stay on until I'm finished Accutane just in case. So that's good news! Will be nice not to be medicated.

Oook time for work. Have a good weekend everyone!

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