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Day 66

Posted by whatthekell, 15 November 2012 · 376 views


So Monday I went to the derm for the start of my 3rd month! Time is really flyingPosted Image

He upped my dose to 60mg where I will stay. Oh, and guess how much that cost? Posted Image

So far I don't see any difference in the way I feel. Someone told me I'm going to feel lazier. Not looking forward to that!
My back pain has calmed down a lot. I think I mentioned in the last blog that I got a new bed. It's pretty amazing. An Icomfort memory foam with infused cooling gel? It's heavenly. But my mid-back still hurts sometimes, but not unbearable.
My nose is bleeding a little more when I blow it. And it feels a little scabby when I move it around. I should prolly start using Saline spray. I hate spraying shit up my nose though. I tried some Vaseline up there a while ago and that felt so uncomfortable. But if it continues, I will try again.
The rash on my arms is a lot better. I actually haven't used hydrocortisone in a couple days. My derm said using that is fine, but if it gets worse, he can prescribe a steroid. I hope I won't need that.
I noticed my hair hasn't been as oily in the morning which I love.

for a couple weeks in my second month, my nose pushed out all these little plugs. I could actually either take my towel after a shower and scrape them out, or go in with tweezers and pull them out. I've had that before on another regimen, but it's always so weird. Running my fingers over it felt bumpy until i got them out. They're gone now.
My lips have been very good. I really like Carmex better than Aquaphor. I actually lost a tube of Carmex the other day  =( I might have left it at the derm.

Right now I have a few healing pimples in the right corner of my mouth/chin. I had a lot of clogged pores here and they're all being forced out. I had 4 there this week but they're almost gone. I also have another clogged pore on the left that looks like it wants to come out but it's not sure. haha. But now the clogged pore number is significantly down!Posted Image  (<~ haha i love this )

ok here are some pics. I took them yesterday. Talk to you soon!

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your skin is looking fantastic!! its really clearing up!! i'm so excited for you!
thank youu! =D
Looking good :) I can't wait to be put on a higher dose, but $760 is kind of crazy!
thank you!
bluh yea! but it was funny cuz I was just saying "hmm maybe I should find an interest free credit card to pay my last 2 months" and one came in the mail the next day. So I just applied for that. Now I don't have to dump all my money out all at once.
your face looks sooo good!!!
thank you lovey!

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