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Day 30 Update

Posted by whatthekell, 10 October 2012 · 398 views

so tomorrow will be one month down! can't believe it. i have a derm appt at 10:45. my derm is out tomorrow, so i have to see his PA or whoever. kind of wish i could see the real doc but i can't do anything about that. wondering if my dose will be upped yet.

my first month on accutane was pretty eventuful, so i'm hoping my second month is...

Day 23 Pics!

Posted by whatthekell, 04 October 2012 · 403 views

sorry i didn't post these yesterday with my blog.

from now on i will blog and post pics on wednesdays together =P

Week 4

Posted by whatthekell, 03 October 2012 · 390 views

so today is the start of week 4. I just took some pics, I will upload them later.

It seemed like I broke out a lot the past week. I'll let you guys be the judge when you see the pics. hoping this purging process ends soon, or at least reduces. The good thing about the purging is that they heal really quick.

No new side effects to report. Lips are...

Pic Update (Day 16)

Posted by whatthekell, 26 September 2012 · 413 views

here are some pics to follow my blog from yesterday..

is that an orb?

Day 15

Posted by whatthekell, 25 September 2012 · 425 views

so today is the start of my third week.

it seems like some days my skin looks like it's really lookin good and i get my hopes up. and then the next day it's all bumpy. so that's a little frustrating. so i'm not going to get my hopes up like that so i'm not let down. thinking back to this summer though, my face was a lot worse. so i am...

Accutane Day 7

Posted by whatthekell, 18 September 2012 · 513 views

ok here is my 1 week picture update!

last time i took a frontal pic and it didn't really show what was going on. so i took 2 side shots today.

side effects: very tired. body is really sore. headaches.
luckily i have a massage chair. that helps a lot with the back pain =)
i find with the headaches, i'm dehydrated. so the more water i drink,...

Day 1 On Amnesteem

Posted by whatthekell, 11 September 2012 · 537 views

Day 1 On Amnesteem So the day has finally come!

I was prescribed Clavaris, but my pharmacy didn't have that. So I'll be using Amnesteem instead. 20 mg twice a day.

I'll be posting pictures with my log so everybody can see what I'm talking about.

Here's what I look like now...

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