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Week 1 With Pictures

Posted by adultwithacne, 27 May 2012 · 820 views

manuka oil aczone spironolactone antibiotics make-up pictures
I am currently taking:

Spironolactone, 50 MG twice a day
Trimethoprim 100 MG twice a day
Gianvi (Yaz generic) birth control pills

Aczone in the morning
Ziana at night

I wash my face with Cetaphil and I have an oil-free moisturizer made by Purpose.  Just noticed that it's not noncomedogenic, so I will probably switch back to my Aveeno or Cetaphil moisturizer.

My goal is to wean off of antibiotic pills this week so that I'm only taking Spironolactone and Birth Control pills.

NYC in the summer is deadly, and I'm sweating so much!  Does anybody have any tips?  I use Exuviance foundation and concealer, but I just feel like liquid foundation is not the way to go in the summer.  I will be working long hours, and I know having loads of make-up on my face for such a long time will not be good!

What type of make-up works for you?  I'm learning towards doing a powder like Bare Minerals.  Is this noncomedogenic?

Has anybody had luck with Manuka oil?  I bought it a few months ago and I didn't really see improvements after doing it.  It did help with redness, however.  I may start using it every other day.

Below are some picture of my current state.  This is 10X better than it was a month ago.  I do have a lot of actives, but I also have a ton of hyperpigmentation and scarring.  I also am getting some acne on my forehead, chest, and back, which is completely new to me.  I've never had back/forehead acne, even when I was on Accutane.

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I really like bare minerals, it covers well without looking cakey and if you use a primer it should stay on (atleast in my experience).