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Day 2 Spiro 100Mg

Posted by texasgirl777, 16 May 2012 · 840 views

spironolactone adult acne azelaic acid
Day 2 Spiro 100Mg I'm 27 and have been dealing with acne since high school. I've been on EVERYTHING! 5 rounds of accutane but it keeps coming back. My derm just put me on 100 mg of Spiro per day. I'm 5'2 100lbs and the first day I took 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. I was so lightheaded and sick at work today that I'm going to switch to taking the full 100mg at night right before bed with food. I've also switched from Nuvaring to Ortho. I wash my face with Dermatological and use Azelaic acid 15% 2x per day. Fingers crossed that Spiro works Posted Image

My goodness 5 rounds of accutane, that's insane! I hope Spiro works for you & good luck, but just out of curiosity what were your dosages on accutane and how long were you on each time (ie. 2 months, 6 months). Thanks I'm using accutane right now :)
Plz update on the spiro! Im thinkin of tryin it! Good uck :)
Yes 5 rounds! And the worst part is that they wanted to put me on it AGAIN! Since I'm married now and thinking of having children in the next couple of years I decided against it. I see people saying how hard it is to get accutane but these doctors just seem to reccomend it fo rme each time I go. It did clear me up each time but within 6 months the acne always came back :( I guess I'm just one of the unlucky ones that it doesn't work for. I did 6-8 months of treatment each time with anywhere from 40-80mg a day and then going down to 20mg at the end for maintenance. I do have some long term effects from taking it. My hair especially at my hairline is alot thinner than it used to be and I developed IBS. To be honest for me the side effects were worth it to have clear skin. I will keep updating on Spiro. I've heard alot of success stories so I'm hoping this is the pill that finally controls it for me :)

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