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Day 7-Spiro 100Mg

Posted by texasgirl777, 22 May 2012 · 597 views
spironolactone, adult acne and 1 more...
Day 7-Spiro 100Mg I'm on Day 7 and my acne is drying up! Posted Image The Azelaic Acid has helped with the redness. I have gotten 2 new large cyst type pimples on my chin but that's also due to my time of...

Day 3 Spiro 100Mg+ Trying A Dairy Free Diet

Posted by texasgirl777, 18 May 2012 · 518 views
sprironolactone, dairy free
With the Spiro I haven't seen a huge difference in my skin but I have had to go to the restroom a lot! I’m a small girl 5’2 ½ and 100 lbs so I can’t really afford to lose the water weight. It def helped taking the full dosage at night. It actually made me sleep better than...

Day 2 Spiro 100Mg

Posted by texasgirl777, 16 May 2012 · 840 views
spironolactone, adult acne and 1 more...
Day 2 Spiro 100Mg I'm 27 and have been dealing with acne since high school. I've been on EVERYTHING! 5 rounds of accutane but it keeps coming back. My derm just put me on 100 mg of Spiro per day. I'm 5'2 100lbs and the first day I took 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. I was so lightheaded and sick at work today that I'm going to switch to taking...

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