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Starting 2Nd Course Of Accutane Tomorrow

Posted by ceminay, 23 March 2013 · 780 views

Hello again everyone. I'm back for another round of accutane! :) If you guys check my earlier posts you'll see that last April I started taking 40 mg a day of Accutane for my severe acne, around August my face was conpletely clear and I stopped taking the medication at the end of September. I was acne free for 4-5 months and my scars were healing slowly....

Month 6 Accutane Day 185

Posted by ceminay, 10 October 2012 · 1,148 views

Hey guys once again! It's been a really long time since I updated this blog so I'm sorry.

2 weeks ago my dermatologist told me I had to take Accutane for 1 more month, then I'd be done. Now I have almost 3 weeks left and I can now tell you guys that Accutane is a miracle.

My face has been 100% clear for 2 months! I haven't been...

Fight Acne Day 152 Accutane

Posted by ceminay, 07 September 2012 · 684 views

Hey guys! I'm really happy right now, my acne is still 100% clear and my red marks are fading faster than I thought! Again, I still don't have any side effects other than dry lips and lightly dry skin.

Back in April when my doctor told me I have no choice except Accutane, I really was depressed. I would hide during breaks at school and only...

Accutane Day 135 Week 19

Posted by ceminay, 21 August 2012 · 798 views

Hello once again! I'm pretty happy right now and I haven't had a pimple for weeks! All I can say is my only complaint is easily being cut/hurt by little things and cuts healing VERY slowly... Usually I heal really fast because I'm young but now I understand how it is to never heal for older people, very annoying!

If you guys have...

Accutane Day 126 Week 17

Posted by ceminay, 09 August 2012 · 814 views

Hello! I actually don't have a lot to say but I just thought it would be helpful for other people on Accutane who are curious about what happens after day 100. I was pretty pissed when I couldn't find any blogs about what happens after day 100.

I just had one HUGE pimple on my forehead, it was really red and had no head, it completely went away...

Week 16 On Accutane Clear!

Posted by ceminay, 30 July 2012 · 1,184 views

Hey guys! I can't believe it's week 16! WOW! Ok whatever. I went to my dermatologist last week and he was happy with the results, so he gave me a 2 month supply of Accutane (40mg like always) because I will go on a 1 month vacation to LA. He said he will probably give me another month of the drug after our appointment in September which...

Week 14 Day 98 Accutane

Posted by ceminay, 15 July 2012 · 1,356 views

Hey guys! I've been a bit lazy and firgot to post fir a couple of weeks so first of all, sorry. But I have great news!

I'm completely clear! I haven't had a pimple for a week and before that, I was clear for a week too! I'm really happy that the breakouts are over and my face can finally start healing, my next goal is to get...

Accutane Week 11 Day 77

Posted by ceminay, 24 June 2012 · 1,425 views

Hey guys, it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted a blog, I really didn't need to make one because everything was the same.

Ok, like I said in my last post I've started using Aloe Vera to try to get rid of all the stubborn red marks, I don't know if it's working yet but there's no harm in using it, right? Other than that I'm...

Accutane Week 9

Posted by ceminay, 11 June 2012 · 685 views

Hi again! I forgot to update my blog yesterday so here we go!

My acne is WAY better. Right now I've only had 4 active pimples for the past few days. But the real provlem is the red marks... They fade away very slowly especially when you still have acne + Accutane makes your skin sensitive. My mom told me to use Aloe Vera for the scars, she said...

Accutane Day 57/week 8/ Beginning Of Month 3/ Still 40Mg

Posted by ceminay, 04 June 2012 · 1,642 views

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting last week and yesterday. I really didn't have a lot to report, but now I do.

Ok first of all yesterday I went to my dermatologist, he said my face was getting better and that I would be 100% clear by next month. He prescribed me 40 mg again. I asked him about the red marks and he said they would completely fade away...

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