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Amazing Scar Treatment

Posted by tg2girls, 16 May 2013 · 1,338 views
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I have been using Nerium AD since February and love the product.  It is a night time cream that I put on my skin and just wash off with cold water in the morning.  Prior to application I wash my makeup off at night with Gano Soap which is a very gentle but effective facial soap.  I personally use it twice just to make sure I am getting all...

Severe Food Intolerances - Wondering If Heparin Is The Culprit

Posted by tg2girls, 29 April 2012 · 623 views

I am 34 and have been struggling with severe acne over the last year. I have been to two dermatologists and both have told me there is nothing they can do for me. Just a little background, I have had a hormone test that came back with high dhea, low cortisol, low progesterone, normal to low testosterone and low estrogen. My Adrenal Glands are highly...

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