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Day 123, Accutane!

Posted by candypie, 10 November 2012 · 917 views

So I'm on my 5th month, everything was going so well, no breakouts or blackheads.. Until BAMM one morning I had some in the most weird places, ears? Like seriously? They were massive! I was like ahhhhh! What to do?

Has anyone also started breaking out in their 5th month?

Some people keep breaking out all the way to the very end of their course, but I haven't really heard of anyone getting clear and then breaking out again after a couple of months. Did you start using any new cosmetics recently? A different shampoo or conditioner? Sunscreen? I don't think getting acne in the ears is all that weird... but then again my derm said I had partially inverted acne or something like that. I get it in places where you're not supposed to get it, like in the ears, eyebrows, eyelids, inside the nose, scalp, etc. But the truth is that you can get acne anywhere as long as there are sebaceous glands.
i had one in the ear before. It popped when i slept and i woke up to a blood yucky pus shirt. thankfully it didn't get on my pillow.

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