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Month 3 - Time Flies!

Posted by candypie, 06 September 2012 · 717 views

accutane roaccutane
2 days ago, I went to see my derm and he said that I will be staying on 40mg because if I go any higher the side effects will become more severe. This time he gave me 3 months of treatment which I am really happy about because I dont have to go and get tests... Thumbs up!

I havent got any actives at the moment, just scarring. They become more evident day by day... hmmm. BUT, today I couldnt resist myself and ate quite a bit of sugar and junk, so I wouldnt be surprised if I get a few tomorrow.. AHHH!

But I currently really happy with the progress and will be looking forward to the next few months! :D

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