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Day 62/day 45

Posted by lb111923, 24 April 2013 · 527 views

having one of those days where i miss being on accutane and how awesome my skin was. i use duac on my back and chest, and recently ran out for a few days, so i broke out a little more. i'm remembering how easy it was to get out of bed or the shower, not have to apply medications all over, and still be confident that i didn't have acne. i used to struggle with acne on my back a lot--i would never wear my hair in a ponytail if i was wearing a tank top or bathing suit, and i hate feeling like i might be that restricted again. i definitely didn't take it for granted when i was on accutane, but i feel like i got a taste of what it's like to be low maintenance, natural, and comfortable--and i really miss it.

Can u take accutane, I mean another course?

I'm on Spironolactone and Atralin and I'm going through somewhat of purging right now, too. Just remember that that's normal and it's okay to get a bit down about it. But just keep up with your regimen and remain hopeful that it WILL get better!

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