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Day 60/day 43

Posted by lb111923, 22 April 2013 · 279 views

def still purging...still have clogged pores coming out. i had a big red clogged pore pop up near my mouth on friday, and a couple small ones. i'm getting my period and i've figured out that weeks 5/6 are the worst for me with retinoids so it makes sense. the big clogged pore had a white head on it that was really deep, so i popped it out and now it's healing into a red spot. hoping it will go away soon. 

I had a really rough time when I started using tretinoin after being on spiro for 1 month. The 2nd and 3rd month were hellish for me. My skin never seemed to get used to the retinoid and was constantly peeling, getting inflamed and breaking out. After 3 months my chin cleared and then by the end of the 4th month my cheeks did too. Around the same time my skin seemed to do much better with the retinoid and I think I am almost ready to get a stronger dose. Just stick with it and stay positive! 

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