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Day 324

Posted by lb111923, 28 February 2013 · 455 views

i've been using tazorac on my forehead every night for a week now, and have been using it everywhere else every other night for almost a week (the skin on the lower half of my face is much for sensitive). eventually i'll use it every night. no problems so far, except some burning when i first apply it, and some dry skin around my mouth. i don't want to moisturize before i use it to lessen the strength/makeup of it, but i think i may start applying moisturizer around my mouth before tazorac, kind of as a barrier. i do have a few more clogged pores than normal, on my forehead and cheeks, and my pores/wrinkles on my face seem a little deeper. no change in the sebaceous hyperplasia yet. hoping this works!

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