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Day 315

Posted by lb111923, 19 February 2013 · 376 views

so i went to the derm last week, so told me that SOME (not all) of the bumps on my forehead are sebaceous hyperplasia...which you aren't normally supposed to get until you're in your 40s or 50s. lucky me! they're basically overgrown/damanged sebaceous glands, that form these flesh colored bumps that can't be popped. she put me on tazorac .1 (gel, not cream) and i've been using that every 3 nights for the past week. i had been considering upgrading retinoids anyway, and apparently they are supposed to shrink some of the sebaceous hyperplasia, as well as some of my remaining clogged pores. i've also read that higher levels (3% or so) of salicylic acid are supposed to be helpful. i like the tazorac's texture/consistency/color compared to retin-a...when i put it on it doesn't leave a whitish film everywhere, which is great. it does burn a little when i put it on, but i've been moisturizing about 20 minutes after applying, and everything has been fine. soon i'll start using it every other day. the annoying thing about sebaceous hyperplasia is that it may look like pimples/whiteheads...and if you pick them and you're wrong, you can do some damage. but if you don't extract them, and they are whiteheads, they may stick around much longer than necessary. i had one of those that i was resisting extracting in case it was SH...but popped it last night and i'm really excited it's gone. i only have about 3 or 4 very small SH bumps...but they're right in the middle of my forehead so in certain lighting it makes me look really bumpy, and makeup doesn't really cover.
my derm also gave me this really amazing otc product (that you still have to get from behind the pharmacy counter) called OC 8...it's a mattifying gel that you put on after moisturizer, but under makeup, and it's been great and keeping my makeup on/keeping me less oily!

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