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Day 10

Posted by lb111923, 26 April 2012 · 509 views

today marks 1 week of using retin-a every night, and 3 weeks since i first started using it. sometimes i think my skin already looks much better, and other times i think it looks about the same. right now i have a small pimple on my chin, and one on my jawline...i think this comes from the spiro (which by the way has really messed with my period). overall i...

Day 8

Posted by lb111923, 24 April 2012 · 425 views

i'm super glad that, even though i'm exfoliating in the morning and using the retin a at night, when i wake up in the morning my skin isn't flaking off! i actually don't mind how it looks. today is about the same as yesterday--i had a small pimple above my eyebrow from last friday or so that i think is gone. my forehead still have some...

Day 7

Posted by lb111923, 23 April 2012 · 430 views

happy monday! just a quick update. my skin seems to be really loving the lack of bp...it's must less dry and flaky. i use the olay pro x brush in the morning on the gentle setting, and that seems great too. i had been using a little face brush that you used by hand (it was like earth therapeutics or something like that) and i think it was just too...

Day 4

Posted by lb111923, 20 April 2012 · 211 views

my skin got so dry by yesterday afternoon i had to put a bunch of lotion on and just leave it without makeup. i really hope other people don't notice this stuff as much as i do. i know most people see your entire face, while when i look in a mirror i focus on the parts i know are broken out or don't look so good. my forehead looks a...

Day 3

Posted by lb111923, 19 April 2012 · 175 views

skipped the bp this morning except on my forehead because my skin was just too dry. not much has changed except for a few more clogged pores on my forehead that seem to be emerging...escaping?? i hope so, because this hasn't really happened with any other topicals. when i started atralin my skin seemed to get thinner, but the texture on my forehead was...


Posted by lb111923, 17 April 2012 · 219 views

hi everyone! initially started this in logs but i think it's actually a blog...i've been lurking on this site without an account for awhile now. a little background on me (and obviously more importantly, my skin)...

my skin started to get bad in high school, but clearasil fixed that almost immediately. that worked for a couple years, then...

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