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Day 242

Posted by lb111923, 07 December 2012 · 333 views

even though i think my forehead is still purging, it somehow looks better today. less oily? it's like individual clogged pores are emerging, which makes me hopeful, so even though you can see them the overall texture doesn't look as bumpy and gross. i remember this happened when i switched from atralin to retin-a .04...good sign!

Day 241

Posted by lb111923, 06 December 2012 · 303 views

soo i'm about to get my period so i'm breaking out around my mouth. i thought it wasn't so bad but the whiteheads i've had this week have left little red marks longer than normal. plus everything looks worse in my office lighting (boo)

i'm almost done with 9 weeks of retin-a .1 on my forehead, and it still looks bumpy, so i guess...

Day 233

Posted by lb111923, 29 November 2012 · 438 views

at about 8 weeks of using retin-a .1 on my forehead and i like it! in a few more weeks i will gradually start to use it on my whole face. in certain light, my forehead still looks bumpy, but it's definitely better. also, since switching to everyday minerals (the base with jojoba) my skin has been much better on the lower half of my face. this makeup...

Day 220

Posted by lb111923, 16 November 2012 · 279 views

two more whiteheads came up last night, popped this morning. so gross. i also am seeing a couple clogged pores surfacing on my forehead. will switch my whole face over to retin-a micro .1 slowly, in the next couple of weeks. it seems like retin-a .04, in combination with spiro, was working on the bottom half of my face, but i swear i haven't been doing...

Day 219

Posted by lb111923, 15 November 2012 · 240 views

so my breakout of little red bumps around my mouth from yesterday became whiteheads and popped literally overnight...i'm left with red marks today and that's it. SO WEIRD! is this normal? what does that mean, if i get several whiteheads sporadically that literally go away in a day?

Day 218

Posted by lb111923, 14 November 2012 · 311 views

i've been trying to wear less makeup (basically just a little concealer + mascara) during the week, but i usually wear a little more on the weekends at night. the past couple of weeks, i've been clear at the beginning of the week, then broken out in the middle of the week. it clears by the weekend, then everything starts all over again. i've...

Day 210

Posted by lb111923, 06 November 2012 · 493 views

can't tell whether it was my period or bareminerals matte breaking me out...but i returned the bareminerals matte just in case. i bought a physician's formula mineral loose powder but haven't used it yet...i'm also thinking about trying everyday minearls. just wore concealer and blush today since my skin looks much clearer! i'm...

Day 206

Posted by lb111923, 02 November 2012 · 195 views

kind of broken out around my mouth/chin...could be because my period is coming, could be the bare minerals matte. eek...

Day 202

Posted by lb111923, 29 October 2012 · 293 views

just finished 3 weeks of using retin-a .1 on my forehead...i like it! yesterday and today i felt really good about that part of my face...no makeup! the rest of my face is looking pretty good too...the whiteheads from last week have seemed to stop, possibly because i switched from pur minerals foundation to bare minerals (matte). i know some people...

Day 197

Posted by lb111923, 24 October 2012 · 228 views

the retin-a .1 is bringing a few small bumps up on my forehead, which i remember happening with the lower strength when i first started using it. i don't usually have problems with dryness/irritation on my forehead, so i'm excited to see what this higher strength does!

in other news, pretty sure pur minerals is making me break out a little. not...

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