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Back To Work Blues

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 16 April 2012 · 167 views

I am not going to lie - i woke up today thinking oh yeah lets wear all this make up i bought for my first day back to work and then half way through i took it all off and decided i didnt need all of that. i stuck to a hint of it with my moisturizer and left it at that! i can't risk clogging my skin up when it's finally making a bit of progress. I mean yeah,i can't wait for the day the dianette gives me back my smooth skin and i can wear whatever i want (within reason of course) but in the meanwhile why ruin a good thing?

i didnt mind being back work -i kind of enjoyed it actually - i had a little more confidence then before the holidays.

Skin is such a vital part of confidence i find, especially the face. It's what we present ourselves to the world with first and how we do that is important to anyone. Don't get me wrong it doesnt make a whole person but it forms part of us and especially me i find i want to do it with positivity and even though i'm far from perfect i'm getting there. day by day. pill by pill (lol).

day 6 of week 7 of dianette.

five active spots altogether - kind of drying out. rest of the facial scars are beginning to clear up slightly not majorly drastic but slightly.

i'll keep the faith.

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