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A Little Bit Of Positive Thinking

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 12 April 2012 · 418 views

I'm going into town today - a surprise outing for myself that I had to convinced self to do but I am out and guess what - it's a no make up on face outing ! Really ! I put my eye makeup on and I put on my la Roche posay effaclar creme and that's it ! I am a little aware of it but I think I'm doing my skin a favour rather than clogging it with make up - which I am sure is the reason for my mini break out !

Also I am going to look into getting more or this effaclar range ! I've quit putting any random stuff on my face and because la Roche posay is for sensitive skin I feel like its a range I can use - its been about a week and a bit since I bought the effaclar duo cream and so I'm thinking of buying the effaclar k ! I will tell u how it goes! As for my second day of week 6 of dianette - well no major turn arounds - I found a pus spot on my chin which was small and the mini break out that was itching yesterday is a bit sore but not as painful as yesterday - though the temptation to scratch is vaguely there !

Anyway I hope to continue this positive thinking even if it is for a little while ! I'm off to shop see ya laters !

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