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Dianette :/

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 28 August 2012 · 338 views

Hi, i havent posted in a while but i am on month 7 day 4 of dianette and well i have some doubts now.

I'm going to be switching to Yasmin next three months and well I don't know. I feel a bit confused. I mean I dont get many spots but I got a spot under my skin on my chin that feels like a lump! It has gone down considerably but it doesn't...

It's Been A While...

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 29 July 2012 · 286 views
dianette, six months
Okay it's definitely been a couple of weeks since I have been on here but I have finally hit month 6 third day!!!!!!

Changes, you ask?

Hmmm, well, my face is now smooth. i get the odd little spot and i mean ridiculously little and the scarring is slowly beginning to lighten. I can wear make up, go out and feel pretty again but...

On The Pull...i Mean Pill :(

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 08 July 2012 · 378 views
dianette, month 5
I am finally on month 5 - day 12?

anyway my point is i had a pus spot on my chin two days ago and i did not take this for a good sign.

why am i getting chin spots again?! little pus ones and just the one big one.

I dont like it.

i have stopped doing my herbal face mask but i do take my vitamins regularly and occasionally pop on my cream.


On A Break From Everything

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 23 June 2012 · 362 views
dianette, sulphur soap
i've finished month four and i'm three days away from month five.

dianette is beginning to kick in more but i'm also aware that i'm getting the odd little spot.

i am surprised i made it to month five and survived! i was reflecting over how crap i used to feel and how now when i look in the mirror i feel more confident, more accepting....

Maybe There's A Miracle In Dianette?!

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 18 June 2012 · 563 views
dianette, month four
so it's been a while.

i have some progress...

tomorrow is my last day on the pill for month four! it's been so quick! anyway - what i wanted to say was those little spots died down eventually and my face is slowly beginning to clear up! i am happier than i have been - a bit more confident and my birthday is less than two weeks and i...

Taken A Step Back?

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 09 June 2012 · 338 views
So i'm not sure what to write - i still have those spots one on my cheek that has died down, the other on the side which has gone down but the other one on the other cheek hurts !

it's going down don't get me wrong but i really am annoyed. i guess i was having a fugly day. i was trying hard not to feel it but i wasnt getting any new spots...

Damn You Dalacin T Lotion.

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 07 June 2012 · 5,556 views
dianette, dalacin t lotion and 1 more...
So I made it to Month 4 Week 2 Day 2 of the Dianette - so i think i might have taken two steps back with getting the lotion.

I used it and i felt like it was producing more oil for my skin and i broke out in some spots that were red lumps that HURT. i was so annoyed and upset because until then my skin had a smooth skin look and the only issue was the...

Hmmm....normal Or Not Normal...

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 03 June 2012 · 251 views
dianette, dalacin t
So i have finally started month 4 of dianette.

it puts me at month 4 day 5 !

i was happier with my skin it beginning to calm down and give me smoother skin. i can see the flaws beginning to calm down.

my problem began when i was prescribed Dalacin T Lotion - or Clendamycin lotion whichever it's called. now i did read that it could make skin...

The Doctor Is Not In The House!

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 26 May 2012 · 213 views

So i have a bone to pick with my doctor!!!!


So i went to speak to him and he was like you can be on dianette for up to two years! the other doctor had only said six months then he said that he would give me a cream to help with the scaring and since that it was only majority scarring i was not in the last stages of...

Just A Little Bit Stressed

Posted by tryingtoseethelight, 24 May 2012 · 289 views
dianette, third month, stress
okay so it's my second day on the break of month 3 on dianette and i am a little bit worried about getting any more soaps.

i mean touch wood so far i am okay but i began to panic when two days ago suddenly i had two spots pop up on my NECK! Neck! why there of all places? I hadn't had a spot there and now i had two! one was little but...

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