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Day 6.

Posted by Perry15, 12 April 2012 · 1,264 views

So i've nearly been on acnecide for a week, feels like longer. There's definitely improvement, I think.. but I feel my IB coming very soon. I'm already getting some pimples in places I never get them, what's worse is that they're so close to my lips that I can't put the acnecide on them. So they'll just have to go on their own. I only have 3 actives on my left cheek now, which was my worst side but the red marks left behind are bad. There's no lumps and bumps, just red marks. I have a few spots popped up on my forehead but they're very small, my chin is starting to get some which is why i'm dreading my IB. Hopefully the red marks will fade once i've been using the cream for longer. It's only been a week.
No make up so far! Which is really good for me, I used to rely on the stuff so much. I'm going all bare, purple circles and all. I'm surprised at how well it's working so far, definitely recommend it! Just got to get past my IB then hopefully i'll be on the road to picture perfect skin :)

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