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Day 4.

Posted by Perry15, 10 April 2012 · 1,096 views

Skin is looking better, don't know if this is just me being in a good mood and seeing my face differently or if it's actually looking better? Redness has faded incredible and my spots are no where near as sore. No new pimples, only the existing ones so fingers crossed. No burning or peeling, slightly dry, quite tight, that's about it. No sign of an initial breakout, but it's still very early days!

I've started drinking a lot more water, I rarely drank it before so now i'm making sure I have a glass of water with every food I have. I'm also anaemic so i'm taking iron supplements and i'm taking zinc tablets once a day. Zinc is supposed to be good for healthy skin so we shall see. I've changed my diet, cut out chocolate as I use to eat, ridiculous amounts, if it doesn't help my skin, it'll do wonders for my health hopefully.

Shall post a photo on the two week mark unless there is a significant difference before then. :)

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