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Day 2.

Posted by Perry15, 08 April 2012 · 1,792 views

Went on a night out last night! That's an achievement, I hate dressing up because it doesn't matter what  do, I still hate how I look. But I went out, and actually had a good time. I was able to cover the spots so well. I've attached a photo for anyone that doesn't believe acne can be covered with makeup. All I used was dream matte mouse, nothing else Posted Image

So obviously there won't be a change after one night and day of using the cream but i'll gradually stop posting all the time. My skin is already showing signs of dryness which is a bummer but I had to expect that. No burning so far and my skin was already slightly damaged when I applied it. I checked my pillows and no bleaching happened, woo. My face feels tight but i've used simple moisturiser and i'll re apply it in a few hours. Being outside does the world of good believe it or not. Takes the redness away straight away, who said fresh air was everywhere ey? Fingers crossed the burning doesn't happen but that's wishful thinking.

I have about 10-12 pimples on my left cheek and about 8-10 on my right. A few cysts which cain. Forehead is clear, chin is clear. But not for long I reckon, my chin is the worst for IB i'm surprised it's lasted a week being clear!

Anyway, nothing else to report. Nothing much has happened Posted Image

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