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Posted by JDW, 08 April 2012 · 225 views

So my current acne situation would likely be considered mild-moderate, i'd say i have about 7 active pimples on my face, 1-2 either just forming or dying(may have popped them) and the rest full blown. The scars make it look somewhat moderate. My acne is generally in my t-zone with some on my temples but I've only recently started breaking out along my jawline, possibly over the last month. Only thing that changed during this period was that i was drinking one lemon a day, i stopped that a week ago so if that was the cause i hope i stop breaking out there soon. I currently have three only the right side of my jaw and two near my cheek/sideburn area and not only is it extremely noticable (i can kinda hide forhead acne with my hair if i so please) but i get pretty noticable scars. Along with stopping lemon juice i restarted using aha, i dont feel aha makes me clear but i think it kinda helps and if anything it should help my scars.

Current Regimen:
Wash face with cetaphil
Tone with witch hazel
Apply aloe vera gel all over my face

Wash with cetaphil
Tone with witch hazel
Treat/Moisturise with AHA.
Spot treat with calamine lotion.

I try to use as cold as water as i can bear, not cold but colder than warm.

I drink roughly 4 tablespoons of ACV split between dinner and my second dinner.
50g Zinc
1000iu Vitamin A
2500iu Vitamin D
1000iu Vitamin C

I eat pretty well, pretty much no sugar or fastfood, but i do occasionally have charcoal chicken or nandos but i dont think thats that bad, not processed so.... I also drink 1.5L of water a day and 600ml+ of ACV water a day. I do eat alot of carbs though for calories but im attempting to cut down on them. Also have cut all dairy over the last month(only had some with oats anyway) but my face has been at its worse over this period so may reintroduce 'dairy', one glass of milk a day, next week.

Change pillow case every other night and use a seperate face towel which is changed twice a week. Dont really touch my face but i will scarcth the odd itch and sometimes blot excess oil with tissues. Exercise 4 times a week, minimal cardio though and though my sleep patterns could be better i average 8 hours a night.

Cant think of anything else related to my current acne situation and what im doing for it so thats this entry done.

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