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Tells Us A Bit About Yourself...

Posted by JDW, 06 April 2012 · 191 views

So I've decided to start a blog. I think it'll be therapeutic and give me a place to vent about life in general along with my acne. The anonymity is nice and I also like to procrastinate. Lets get started.

I'm a young male in my early 20's. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia but am from an asian background. I'm currently studying at university but I'm not exactly sure where my life is going. I like sports, TV and reading when i have the time. I'm a bit of a homebody, acne plays a small part in this.

I've written about my acne in a short-lived forum log but here the cliffs with updates since then:
-Acne as every teenager gets, mild and just used over the counter topicals.
-Didnt go away with age and i really wanted it gone so went on Pro-Activ
-After a couple of years of that it was 'under control' but i still had pimples
-After one particularly bad breakout i decided to try the acne.org regimen
-Was on it for roughly 4-5 months before i developed an allergic reaction to BP, my face at the time was under control, more than pro activ, but still not perfect.
-In the 6 months since then(to today) my skin was average, nothing too bad but still annoying.
-At the start of the year I tried some new things and that was a bad mistake. Damn you asprin mask.
-My skin has been getting worse since then, had massive breakouts on my forhead and temple and they scarred like a mother.
-Now I'm breaking out along my jawline and under my chin which has been 99% clear(slight exaggeration) since forever.

Thats it for this entry, excuse the spelling mistake because they will be a few, wheres spellcheck when i need it...

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