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Week 2

Posted by Shawn017, 12 April 2012 · 145 views

Day 14.

So around day 10 or so, I really started noticing the whole "drying out" effect everybody was talking about. Now that I'm at the 2 week marker, my lips are pretty dry and my hair and face are much less oilier than normal (which is good, glad to know it's doing work ha).

However, my problems with my back haven't exactly subsided yet, to put it mildly. Now that I'm at day 14, I've noticed over the past few days I've been breaking out more than usual. My face, which was actually really clear, started to have issues. Noting crazy and definitely manageable, just higher than average. And my back, more than normal as well.

I'm still making sure I drink plenty of water any chance I get to help combat the dried out feeling. I'm also going to need to start applying chapstick (or something of the sort: vaseline, etc.) to my lips more frequently.

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