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Skin Is Looking Good...scared To Jinx It

Posted by fettered2freedom, 08 April 2012 · 391 views

NO NEW PIMPLES!!! I am scared to jinx this, seriously... I usually always have at least one or two...

Anyways, doing the regimen still, but I had some Cetaphil cleanser leftover and it is much gentler than the DKR cleanser so I have been using Cetaphil instead for the past few days.

Today I ate cake and chocolate (yeah Easter) so that will be a good test to see if this is the regimen keeping me clear! I got my period yesterday so normally at this time of the month I usually have 3-4 pimples. Now? NONE!!!!!

A couple things I'm doing differently with diet -

NO MORE GREEK YOGURT... I think the yogurt was contributing to my acne all this time...

NO MORE COFFEE EVERYDAY... I've been a big coffee drinker, at least a cup a day every day, but over the past week I have been drinking green tea occasionally, and I only had coffee twice.  

GREEN JUICING = super food, super nutrient dense... juicing kale, apples, celery, lettuce, cucumber, ginger, lemon... and drinking juices all day then maybe eating one large meal. Also making carrot, grapefruit juices in the afternoon.. mmm..

So between these things and the regimen I may just be TOTALLY CLEAR... So far, no new pimples. All my active acne has cleared up, and I just have the scars to deal with now. I still however have comedonal acne which is basically just those annoying clogged pores along my chin and on the left side of my face.

So far so good, though. Too sleepy tonight but will update with pix soon.

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