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Things Getting Gradually Better (But Still Not 100%)

Posted by Liam Foster, 22 July 2013 · 624 views

Hello again, people. So iv'e been on Trimethropin (or however you spell it) for a good 4 months now, and it's done wonders. The active pimples i had have slowly diminished which im really pleased about. However they are still lingering problems that are still making me a recluse and stooping me recovering fully. Firstly, my acne scars are unbelievable! Just red everywhere, red marks, blotches, the lines on my forehead are just bright red, making my face just seem like a complete mess. However, you could run your fingers over my skin and it's as smooth as anything. My derm wasn't that helpful when i told hi about this, explaining they would just clear up over time, however when i asked him about retinol-a, he just ignored me, basically. The last thing is these pesky little spots that have decided to set up camp all over my nose. No idea where they have come from as the rest of my face has been ok. Now, i'm not sure if it's because i have a bad habit at picking at my nose (as everyone does, lol) but it's very noticeable atm, and it looks horrible. So if anyone would be a star and tell me if your nose is different when it comes to acne, and if anyone has any good suggestions of healing acne marks/scars quicker, to clear up the redness and get me back to my clear normal complexion, that iv'e dreamed of having for 3 years, now. Thankyou

hi liam!! I've found that the skin on the areas of my nose and cheeks scar the most easily...even if I don't bug the breakouts in that area they almost ALWAYS will leave marks when they go away as annoying as that is :l picking just makes it worse and that's enough to hold me back from even doing it.


as for scarring and red marks left over they really do go away eventually but I've noticed (on my skin at least) that working my moisturizer into my skin very thoroughly helps the scarring on my cheeks and whatnot fade in a timely manner. I gently exfoliate frequently with my olay pro x (you know, the cheaper alternative to a clarisonic) so I'm sure that helps too. 

Hey! Yeah i did use to moisturise a hell of a lot, however after realising that i had quite oily skin, i stopped doing it :/ Not sure if i should do it again. And the face wash i have already has an exfoliater in it, which is handy

I have super oily skin too but that doesn't mean you shouldn't moisturize at all x:! try a different moisturizer then sinks into your skin better and stuff like that~

To moisturize or not to moisturize; that is the question! Because of my super oily skin, I haven't moisturized in 10 years, but just started using Neaclear's anti acne facial moisturizer. It softens my skin and must neutralize the oil. It sinks in and my skin actually isn't oily. I've had a  reduction in my red marks too.

JinGeeloo; that moisturiser looks very good! However, it seems everywhere iv'e looked online only seels it in the USA, and i reside in the UK. Finding it very difficult to find it over here :( Atm, i have aveeno clear complexion moisturiser.

Liam , I called the customer service number on their website and they sent it to me. Or I bet you could even email them so you don't have to make a long distance call. Let me know. 

Oh, and congratulations on the royal baby!

Hey, you could always use Dan's moisturizer from danielkern.com!  He created that moisturizer for the Regimen because it doesn't clog pores and is generally awesome.  I also use jojoba oil with it, which has helped my skin so much!  I used to have super oily skin, which has reduced considerably since moisturizing regularly with a good product.  :)  also pretty sure it ships to the UK.

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