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Initial Breakout. Good Or Bad?

Posted by Liam Foster, 27 February 2013 · 779 views

So over a week ago now, i began taking a liver purifier supplement named Milk Thistle. It comes in tablet form and i take 3 every day. About 3 or 4 days after taking them, i began breaking out, in areas which i hadn't had acne for a very long time! And im trying to stay positive about it all, because along with the milk thistle, i am also taking Oxy Powder, which is a powerful colon cleansing supplement, and if you ask my toilet, that seems to be working just fine. But what im scared about is, what if this Milk Thistle isnt the cause of my new acne forming everywhere! And forming fast! I mean i havent changed nothing about my diet etc so surely it must be that? Is having an initial breakout a good sign? And how long before it starts to heal? Another thing is, i never used to get whiteheads, but ever since i started taking this supplement, boom! whiteheads forming everywhere! So im hoping this milk thistle and oxy is working, and flushing the toxins out my body, thats why they are showing up all over on my face. Fingers crossed!

Sounds like you are detoxing. I would give it a good month before you give up on your cleanse/supplements. Good luck!
Is that a good thing.....?
Yeah. Detoxing will more than likely cause an initial break out. Be sure to drink lots of water (half of your body weight per day), and eat lots of fresh produce. I know that seems like an obvious thing to do, but most people don't actually do it. Having a clean and healthy diet will definitely help.
When do you reckon it will end, and maybe i start to see all these massive inflamed hurtful pimples start to diminish?
I would say within a month tops, possibly longer, possibly much sooner.. everyone's different. It sounds like your initial breakout is fairly new, so I would just be patient and try to stay busy with other things to take your mind off it.
Yep, good luck!

I just started taking milk thistle aswell as cutting down on grain products and im going through a big breakout like you mentioned. Ive got some pretty big under the skin ones in odd places i never breakout in. How has your initial breakout improved are you still taking it?

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