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Update On My Nightmare

Posted by Liam Foster, 05 January 2013 · 633 views

Hello. New year, same old shit. Face is still god awful, and im still getting new acne all over the place. More and more sprouting up on my chest and back. My face feels like its on fire with the acne that persists there at the moment. I have been referred to see a derm finally however i wont be able to see one for another month or so :( Just got my student loans in, and purchased a few things to experiment on. Purchased trader Joes all in one nourish facial cleanser which is antioxidant and also an exfoliator. Also bought aveeno clear complexion moisturiser to try and fade all the countless red marks i have!! Lastly i purchased 120 500mg pantothenic acid tablets and will start to take 4 daily to try and relieve some of my acne and perhaps make my pores smaller. Heard a lot of good things about it, so might as well. I also am booking myself to see a psychiatrist or a counsellor to discuss my severe depression because of acne, and basically just tell all my problems to because my depression is making me very ill. The problem is with my situation, is that i do have small pimples on my forehead and cheeks however the amount of red marks left behind from acne is unbelievable! I have so many! And the weird thing is, is that i never picked! So even if i get rid of my acne, i still have millions of horrible marks all over my face!! Which look identical to spots! So i cant win!!! :( What to do eh!

Ahh mate, feel your pain! My depression came about because of my acne. Seen a dr about it?
I have mate, they cant really do anything apart from prescribe medication and i dont want more toxins in my body
I know how you feel! Im left with red marks on my face regardless of picking or not! Good luck with the new routine, you deserve to feel good about yourself! :)
the wait for the dermo is crazy here too, i feel your pain! :( i gave up on cleansers and stuff and started accatane a month ago, has gotten so much worse. hopefully see some improvements soon, was sick of not wanting to go any where or be in any photos.. I just read a few of your posts, you are having a really tough time, hope things start improving for you! :(
I am on major psych meds for a variety of reasons but the acne I can relate has been cured by me swalloing entire bottles of Amoxicillin in a matter of weeks. I finally got a dermatologist that supports my antiobiotic binge. When you do see your derm ask for the max of everything and dont leave her office without Amoxicillin or cephalexin (only two that work). Believe me, I've tried all of 'em.
Don't use too much on your face! It will only irritate it and make it worse! For some people stopping all the harsh products makes their skin better! It worked for me! And the wait for the derm is so long to get into. Seems like everyone needs to seem them. And I know how it feels about the depression. It sucks! Even though it doesn't feel like things will ever get better they do!

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