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Christmas Period And 2013!

Posted by Liam Foster, 26 December 2012 · 507 views

So hope everyone had a great Christmas. Just spending it with my family helped boost my morale up so much and for once i wasnt bothered about my acne. However 2013 is going to be the year i get rid of it! Im taking an oath! I visited doctors about a week back and he is transferring me to see a derm, so hopefully he can put my on accutane or assess my situation and see if anything else will help. However i wont be able to sere a derm for a while :( So for the time being my gp has put me back on Zineryt, which was the miracle cure that got rid of all my acne when i was 16 until i was 19. It seems to not have the same effect as back then however its calmed my face down a bit. Only side effect is that its made my face flaky and dry as hell!! Doesnt help with my red forehead though which is still the worst part of my acne hell! But get this new year out the way and then i can look towards doing anything i can to finally get clear!! Heres praying folks! Take care this new year :)

Wish you the best in 2013! Hope you find a solution for yourself. Stay happy!:)

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