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Tea Tree And Witch Hazel Face Wash - Opinions?

Posted by Liam Foster, 12 December 2012 · 637 views

Heard some good things about tea tree and witch hazel lately. I do need a facewash as i dont have atm, and boots do a great one containing both of those ingredients. Both are known to work well on acne prone skin. Anyone used any of the two? What effects did it have? I have oily skin, especially on my forehead

Tee tree oil just burned my skin, but that's all it did. It may have actually made things worse. Acne isn't just the bacteria, it's the way your skin grows and how much oil it produces. My derm practically laughed at me when I told her I used Tee tree oil lol. Witch hazel did help a little bit, it seemed to make new pimples smaller, but that's about it.
I might see if i can just get a witch hazel wash then without the oil part. I guess everyones skin is different
Try to combine Tea Tree Oil with another treatment, like BP. Warning--this might be irritating. Go slow on it. There are tea tree gels as well, and it is proven to be as effective as BP. Witch Hazel is good for lightening hyperpigmentation...

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