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Please Just Go!

Posted by Liam Foster, 01 April 2012 · 249 views

First day back home and the sun is hotter than ever and I just want to be stuck inside. Really can't be doing this no more! My friends have rung me telling me to come play football but I just cant let everyone see me like this, it's so demoralising and hurtful. If the acne on my forehead went I would be happier than anyone! But they just wont go. I used to crave days like this but now Im so used to being stuck inside I just don't want the sun! Some of my little cousins woke me up today and some other family members came to see me when i was in bed, the biggest time I look the most awful! I tried to hide my face and got angry telling everyone to get out. Wow does having acne just makes everything worse! I would have loved to play football in this weather too! :(

Hopefully purchase cetaphil facewash and moisturiser very soon, and a BP gel and get to it straight away! If i see a difference then my prayers have been answered but if I dont, its back to square 1, finding another solution. I eat much better than before however I am losing weight, so Its hard!

Ohh! Just need a miracle. I want to go outside in shorts! Play football again in the sun with friends! Go places without having to think of what people think of me!


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