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Here's To Better Skin!

Posted by Liam Foster, 31 March 2012 · 342 views

Today i finally arrived home from University. Gonna be hard for me to see everyone, my family and friends with such bad acne. My mam has already commented saying I still have it, however some people have said It looks better but I never take that into account as I know full well it is awful!! Hoping to start a cetaphil regime very soon when i get money and then get a strong BP gel. I am eating much healthier however losing weight therefore I think i need to start eating more meats like chicken etc as I dont eat much meat atm. Keep getting more pimples and new acne but I think that because I still havnt started my facewash plan, this could be why I am getting new acne, and also because I have not fully started my healthy eating in full.

Praying it gets better very soon!