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Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment

Posted by Liam Foster, 01 December 2012 · 968 views

So i have just recently purchased Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment after reading some good reviews on it. It is a facewash and a exfoliator! Not sure if it will clear me up, but atm, i just need something to soothe my face, and i dont currently use a facewash because the last one i used didnt work at all. I am also going to try a month on...

My Face Is Scaring Me

Posted by Liam Foster, 28 November 2012 · 608 views

My acne has hit an all time low. I don't know what has triggered these chain of events, but in the past week or so, my face has exploded. I stopped taking doxy a few weeks back and my face has been getting worse ever since. But doxy wasnt improving my condition either so what gives!? It's actually making me scared to look into the mirror. My...

Please Help Me.

Posted by Liam Foster, 26 November 2012 · 421 views

I'm officially at breaking point. This could be my very last post due to personal reasons. I just can't do this shit any longer. I stopped taking my daily doxy pill 2 weeks ago because it was clear it wasn't working anymore, and i started taking 50mg of zinc. I can't explain how bad my face has gotten since then. I can't hardly sleep...

Fuck This Shit!

Posted by Liam Foster, 22 November 2012 · 615 views

So im taking another day off University because i have 2 humongous and i mean huge cystic pimples on both of my cheeks. I just don't know anymore. I hope this is the zinc bringing them out to the surface but if it's not, then im at breaking point. What the fuck can i do!? I eat spinach, omega 3, chicken every fucking day! i take cod liver...

Chelated Zinc Bringing My Acne To The Surface?

Posted by Liam Foster, 21 November 2012 · 1,859 views

Hello again. So last thursday i purchased 100 50mg chelated zinc tablets after reading a lot of great reviews on it working really well on cystic acne and scars etc. Now, i have been taking 1 tablet each day now since last thursday and it's now wednesday. I can't really say i see an improvement, however i have 2 huge big inflamed spots on both of my...

Need Your Thoughts Please!

Posted by Liam Foster, 15 November 2012 · 403 views

So once again i have changed my diet. I am now eating a rather large meat salad (chicken mostly) everyday. It includes: spinach, mixed salad, carrots, kidney beans, salmon/mackerel/, chicken breast and diced chicken. Now i have changed to this because my acne wasn't improving and i thought it was because all i ate everyday was pasta and this spicy...

Zinc, My Diet. Opinions Guys! :)

Posted by Liam Foster, 07 November 2012 · 390 views

Hello. I will let you all know of a slight problem i have atm with my diet. It my previous blogs i have mentioned i am on a gluten free diet, however this only specifies around the same meal everyday. Because i cannot cook for the life of me and havent got much money, i have been living on gluten free pasta, everyday! Everyday i have the same meal...

Need Help Guys! Big Time!

Posted by Liam Foster, 06 November 2012 · 420 views

Hello once again. As you might know from my previous blog posts, i have been battling with acne now for the good part of 5 years, however it has only started getting severe in the last year. I have been on doxy for the past 7 months and now my body has grew immune to it, it seems. I need your opinions people on why i am still getting huge pimples and why...

Vitamin D?! Need Your Opinions!

Posted by Liam Foster, 26 October 2012 · 719 views

So. I have been on doxy now a good 7 months and i think that now im just taking them for nothing. It worked well for the first 5-6 months but now i can definitely tell that my body has gotten used to it and it isn't working so well. God knows how many things i've given up in my life and how many things im missing out on. My confidence is at an all...

So Confused! Why Is My Acne Coming Back!?

Posted by Liam Foster, 20 September 2012 · 2,706 views

So over the past 5 months, my severe acne had cleared up really well, not all of it but around 90%, and left me with these horrible post acne marks however which wasn't nice which i still have. However in the past week or so, i have been getting more new acne forming all over my face, and even behind my ear which is strange. Now i don't have a clue...

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