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Day 20-20Mg- Holy Blackhead And Finally Dry

Posted by leopard1, 01 April 2012 · 372 views

ok so i just took my 20th pill, wow seems to be going by faster. my last blog entry complaining about oily skin was too premature. over the last 2days my skin has been getting more dry- it's really dry when i get out of the shower and then i apply cetaphil and its okay. it does flake here and there throughout the day- esp around my nostrils, hah. but i only had to use 1 blotting paper today (usually use 3), and i didn't really even have to, it's just habit. honestly i'd rather have flakes than an oil slick- gross. so glad this med is working. i'll prob be complaining about the dry skin in a few weeks because it will get worse but until then i like normal-dry skin- my face doesn't feel so gross!

other side effects- dry lips, dry inside nose, dry skin around hands- but also work in hospital so always washing hands which doesn't help. face is slightly red at times but nothing crazy or thats noticeable- i just tell people its from being outside and i'm fair-light skinned so it works, not more ?s

skin- HOLY BLACKHEADS ( i posted pics in gallery). i can't believe they are everywhere and anywhere there is a large pore there is a prominent blackhead saying HELOO THERE! i'm kinda glad because i could never get rid of them before but as they are coming up they are going to look so much worse until there gone and from what i read it could take a while for them to completely disappear- oh well it will be worth the wait. i just can't believe i have that many- why are they so stubborn? crazy

cheeks are another problem area. i have only 4-5 actives- med size not really any whiteheads, just red bumps. and a lot of red hyperpigmentation. not terrible but def needs improving

until next time!