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Oily- Day 15, When Does It End!?

Posted by leopard1, 28 March 2012 · 416 views

ok so i think i may have said in an earlier log that my face is slightly drier, LIE. so my face is still super oily 3-4H after washing. WHEN DOES YOUR FACE STOP BEING OILY ON ACCUTANE?  i've read so many blogs/posts stating that after the first week everything was soo dry. well i just don't want to be oily.

my lips are drier i think so maybe my face will be next but i still have to blot 2x or more in 12h= annoying. i'm sure once my face is dry i'll be complaining about that. but i just want to make sure this med is working. my pores do seem slightly larger?? but i'm not sure really- i have a lot of black heads and enlarged pores before but they seem wider, maybe the black heads are being pushed out. someone said i look like i got color and i haven't really been out in the sun so my face has been a little reddish, but not terrible. luckily its been nice so i just tell ppl its from working out in the yard.

it's day 15 so i know it's still early but i've just been waiting so long for these spots and oily to be DONE.

as far as spots go, i've gotten a couple of good large ones that take forever to go away, like 2+weeks. some are just whiteheads that come and go. but red spots are taking OVER. forehead is fine. chin has been getting more whiteheads.

How many milligrams are you on? I was on 20 in my first month and my face really didn't start to get dry until the second month when I got bumped up to 40 milligrams. When I was on 20 what I noticed was that my hair got less oily and my lips were more dry than normal but my skin was still pretty much the same. Strangely enough though, I didn't break out at all the first month and then this second month I have broken out more. It's all different with everyone though, just hang in there!
Hey! Saw your post, and wanted to say that it took me about 3-4 weeks to really notice a difference. I started off on 30 mgs for the first month, and am now on 60 mgs (almost completed my 2nd month). I'm not oily at all now - I actually have flaky dry spots around my mouth. I agree with the above comment - it takes time, give it a chance to work :) Cheer up! Hopefully you'll feel better about it in a few weeks! :)
THANK YOU for the words of encouragement! i know i'm impatient, bad habit, hah, i need to get over it!

i'm on 20mg right now and i don't think my derm wants to up my dose that much b/c of high cholesterol issues, which is annoying b/c i don't think 20mg is gonna help that much. i'm noticing hair and lips slightly dry- nothing unmanageable. i'm breaking out pretty consistently nothing crazy though.

good luck to everyone!