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Accutane/ Im Here To Help

Posted by Vee30, 01 April 2014 · 62 views

Hello my beautiful people,  
Wow i havent been on here for a long time. Well first off let me just start by saying Accutane has def. been a life saver. I did suffer from horrible horrible acne i did try all kinds of products from over the counter to going to the doctor to dermatologist.  
I finished my Accutane in November 2012 so yes it has...

A Year! Accutane!

Posted by Vee30, 22 April 2013 · 312 views

hi guys so its been a year since I started Accutane and 5 months since ive finished!! I just wanted to thank everyone on here that supported me and who gave me advice it helped me a lot!!! and to those of you who are struggling with acne or going through Accutane feel free to send me and email I am more than happy to help! vee_rosales30@hotmail.com...


Posted by Vee30, 09 January 2013 · 330 views

ive been off ACCUTANE since about November 22ish and i was wondering if someone could answer a question i had....how long do i have to wait to drink an alcohol beverage? im not a big drinker but i was on accutane when i turned 21 and so common now everyone has a drink on their birthday so plz answer! :)

Finally Done!

Posted by Vee30, 13 November 2012 · 423 views

SOooo last week i took my last pill of accutane!!! my face looks MUCH MUCH better than it did before! i can now pull my hair back and let my face shine!!! :) i want to think everyone on here who motivated me to keep going! im here for however needs me even to talk i know acne causes lots of stress...

5 Months On Accutane!

Posted by Vee30, 13 September 2012 · 582 views


so ive been on accutane for 5 mths now and its AMAZING!!! i have some issues with scaring but i got this cream scar thingy that is helping alot! for those who suffer from acne i absolutly recomand ACCUTANE! yes it has side effects but its totally worth it. i who have tryed just about...

One More Month On Accutane!

Posted by Vee30, 21 August 2012 · 349 views

so i went to my derm. yesterday(8-20-12) and he told me i was going to be on accutane for one more month! He also put me on 3 pills a day instead of 2! I like the not having acne part but it kinda seems like my scars look 10 times worse now!! I asked my doctor about cream or something i could use after i finish in a month and he told...

Accutane 4Th Months

Posted by Vee30, 10 August 2012 · 395 views

so ive been on accutane for 4 mths now and i honestly think it stopped working :( i have these dumb scars and ive started to get some pimples on my cheeks!! i will be d evastated if ive gone this long and i start breaking out again...i honestly dnt think i can go through having acne...

Accutane! 3 Mths And A Half :)

Posted by Vee30, 18 July 2012 · 473 views

hi guys!!

so i went to the dermatologist yesterday and its all going great!!!

I cant wait to actually be free from acne!

Im a little concern on the red spots on my cheeks tho from i guess when i pop my zits and also my scars...will this go away or will i have soft skin with nasty scars and all that??

if you have...

3 Mths Accutane :)

Posted by Vee30, 10 July 2012 · 531 views
Hey guys!!

So i just wanted to update my accutane journey, and ive been on it for 3 months and im LOVING it!!!
I can actually go out more without having to worry so much about ppl seeing my horrable acne and i can actually feel comfortable...


Posted by Vee30, 17 May 2012 · 438 views
Hello everyone!
So i tryed the regimen for about a month or so and dint see any difference...so i went on Accutane!

ive been on accutane for almost 2 months im on 40ML right now and taking 2 a day..i have really chapped lips and my back was hurting for a bit...which is normal...

I have now started to get a rash on my arms...

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