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Starting Accutane And Stopping Picking!

Posted by lovepinkxoxo, 10 March 2012 · 170 views

I will be starting accutane in april and i am pretty excited! this is my second time around so i hope it goes okay!
i am also a notorious skin picker so i am determined to stop that.

Any advise is really helpful~ especially from those who have gone on accutane twice and people who have sucessfully stopped picking.

I havent really seen anything on the web about people successfully stopping picking....so if you have done so it would be really inspiring to read how you did so

Best of luck on your course!
As far as picking goes, the best advice I can give is to limit the time you spend in front of a mirror, and always try and remember that nothing good comes of picking. It's not easy to start with because if it's something you've relied upon, it takes time to break the habit. The good news is that as your skin starts healing and there's naturally less to pick, things do get easier. Be worth taking a look at the skin picking section of the message board for plenty of advice and tips, and also the experiences others have had as they try to stop picking: http://www.acne.org/...0-skin-picking/
thank you for the advice i am trying to break this horrible habit!
if i start accutane in the beginning of april do you think my skin will be better by june if i just have minor but persistent acne cysts?
I've no direct experience of Accutane myself and, to be honest, each case is different anyway, but I'd like to think that roughly eight weeks is enough time for an initial breakout to happen - if it happens at all - and for things to calm down at least to the point where there's noticeable improvement. It's impossible to tell really, although I would suggest that you can play a part in that by being gentle with your skin along the way and doing your best to avoid picking, etc. With any luck, that will all aid the healing process. Fingers crossed! :)

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