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Post Accutane Horror, Regimen Update

Posted by londoncat8, 30 March 2013 · 635 views

It has been 2 weeks since I started using the regimen, to treat what I can only describe as a nuclear burst of acne on my face, post accutane. And it works! I thought that these horrible clusters of puss infused pimples in fancy groups of 6 would take months to go but they are gone! I use regimen as suggested but decided that PB in a smaller dose is rather good for me. My face does not sting anymore when I put BP because everything just dried out and no irritation happening. I guess if that is the answer to control my acne then I will be doing it for life, haha It is safe to say that regimen was the quickest ever method to get rid of my active acne. It took 4 months of accutane before I started seeing results but it took only 2 weeks on the regimen to make my face presentable:) So, my new journey begins now and I hope it is a success at the end.

good luck..benzoyl peroxide is a knock down drag out assault on acne...

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