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Week 6

Posted by moiku, 03 December 2012 · 408 views

tretinoin retinoid
Now it's been 6 and half weeks since I've used Tretinoin cream.

My skin became much much better, and it seems my breakout stage completely finished.
I think the tretinoin cream is effective for old shallow pitted scars as well.
But for hyperpigmentation scars, vitamin C serum and Lumixyl work for my scars with the tretinoin.

At first, I really hated the tretinoin cream, and regretted that I started using it because my acne became super worse.
However, I'm happy with the cream because it also helps my old scars, and make my skin thicker.
I noticed whenever I see people with good skin have thick skin, and I found more people who have thin skin tend to have different kinds of problems, not only acne but also big pores, rough texture, hyperpigmentation and so on.

I look forward to seeing the result in 1,5 weeks when I go to my derm for my next rendez vous.

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