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What Is The Strange Soft Big Stuff?

Posted by moiku, 26 November 2012 · 344 views

My week 5 on tretinoin is ending soon, and my one side of face is getting better~ :-)
No more big cysts and reddish pimples.
However, on the other side of face, lower cheek, there are still 2 big cysts like and when I touch them, they are very soft and I feel like they have liquid inside. You know, when you burn your skin, the part becomes swollen and has water. The cyst is a sort of like that. ( I don't know if I can call it cyst)
They sometimes poped themselves and white liquid came out with blood, while I was washing my face.
But they don't disappear completely until all of liquid come out, and I get them on the same part of skin.
I'd never had such stuff before using tretinoin cream.
I wonder if people on tretinoin have the same experience.....

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