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Day 1 -7

Posted by JDHJ, 24 February 2012 · 97 views

Ok so even though I've only been on this for 1 week I have definitely noticed the good and bad effects:

Firstly I've been put on 30mg per day as I weigh 63kg

Day 1-3 were good no noticeable effects at all

Day 4-5 - the side effects started including dry skin, especially after showering and my lips started getting  dry

Day 6-7 Everything was just getting drier, including itch scalp and on day 7 random nose bleeds Posted Image

However aside from this I have had one spot all week on my cheek, so things are looking good Posted Image  very very good

Hopefully, i will be one of the lucky ones to avoid this 'inital breakout' but I'm sure ill find out over the next week as the drug kicks in properly Posted Image

I must say though because of the dryness my skin looks really tired so will need to find a good moisturizer...

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