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Day 20

Posted by fedner06, 25 February 2012 · 78 views

everything is still the same, i have like 5 actives now and they are redder than before. i am still going thru my initial breakouts and hope it stops by next month. hows everyone else doing? anyone on day 20?

Hi there! I wanted to encourage you to read the book or watch the movie by the name of Food Matters (foodmatters.tv) I have completely cured my acne with my diet. You can find it on Netflix.
It is possible to clear up your skin! I promise...I'm living proof!
Inflammation on your face probably means you have severe internal inflammation caused by an imbalance of PH, toxicity, and/or lack of nutrients in your body. That seems to be the way our body let's us know (we acne sufferers!)
Detoxifying your body will make you feel better and your skin will look and feel amazing. Guaranteed... Juicing is a good way to get started. Food does matter! Spread the news! The Gerson Miracle is also a great movie to watch on Netflix. People are cured of chronic disease (including cancer) with food.

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