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Why I'm Here - Before Accutane

Posted by MissAustralia, 14 February 2012 · 707 views

Hi I'm Miss Australia, I'm 25 and I have "acne" (duh). I was one of those lucky few who never had a pimple during high school and did not purchase my first bottle of foundation until I was 21. Something happened almost overnight (well, over a fortnight) and I ended up with bands of cysts across my face. They never came to the surface and when I went to the doctors he told me I had acne and I had to go on Roaccutane (Accutane for all you stateside users). My mother who lectures in mental health wasn't convinced it was the best idea so she took me to another specialist for his advice. I found out I actually had a hormonal issue with an onset of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and my face erupting was a side effect. Instead of going on Accutane I went onto Diane (the pill) and had VPL (variable pulse light - laser).

Everything was going ok, my face calmed down but the VPL burned my skin and scarred it badly. After about two years on Diane I couldn't take the pill anymore. I found it made me feel extremely sick and nauseated constantly. Even the idea of swallowing a sugar coated pill makes me gag.

About a year ago the symptoms resurfaced. I wash my face, I drank water, antibiotics.... nothing has worked. I went to the hospital under referral from my GP to have a cyst in my breast removed and the dermatologist told me I should be on Accutane. We had a long talk about my concerns and we finally concluded that for my quality of life it is for the best.

Currently I am also taking Erythromycin to combat possible flare ups. I will also be taking the precaution of talking to a shrink once a fortnight. I have a stressful job so I think that it's going to be a win/win longterm. In my career I spend a lot of time travelling, drinking, partying (I work in the music industry) so I am aware that it is taking a heavy toll on my body. I've cut alcohol out and will try to sleep more than 4 hours a night. And keep reminding myself it's not forever!

Tomorrow will be my first day on Roaccutane. I'm nervous but excited. Here goes nothing....

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