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Day 1 - Claravis (Isotretinoin 20Mg Capsules)

Posted by ZackaryTheHopeful, 21 February 2012 · 545 views

Well today I picked up my perscription for Claravis (Generic Accutane). ii an to take one 20mg capsule a day. I took one today with plenty of water and food as directed. I an excited to see how my journey will go. I will post picures later to day as a before reference.

I will post a picture, or two (one of each side of my face), every two weeks.
I will also list my side effects every week.



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Good luck today was my first day too.. very excited to see changes in my skin!! What are you planning on using to keep your face moisturize??
Good luck, i started about 2 weeeks ago, im in 30mg once a day, so far no sides effect but dry skin
I started 2 weeks ago and i'm on 20 MG of Claravis too! Good luck! I'm excited for all of us!
Thank you Samanth, Fedner06, and Hgresz! @Samantha, I am going to use Dial NutriSkin Replenishing lotion a hypo-allergenic and fragrance free lotion. But im thinking about make a investment of a good face lotion.

Good luck to all of you!