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Pretty Dang Happy!

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 14 November 2012 · 655 views

My skin is doing soo much better. This week it was alittle rough because I was on my period and I'd been eating like crap all week...(and the week beforePosted Image )...But its still like insanely better than my skin usually is!!!!!!!! The biggest thing that has helped my skin is not picking. I know a lot of people are like..yeah whatever and trust me. I use to think that. But seriously, that has helped my skin sooo much!!!!Posted Image I still pop the huge big inflamed white heads because they are just gross. And I admit..I have picked at the blackheads on my nose a bit....But I'm trying to stop with the black heads and be patient. I'v quit looking for things to pick at and I leave stuff a lone and it goes away faster!!! The AHA I'm usuing from Acne.org is an amazing product!!!!!  I love it!!!! I'm really loving my skin right now Posted Image

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