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One Day I Woke Up And There Was More To Love :)

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 06 November 2012 · 681 views

My skin has been really good as of late ! I'm really liking it!!Posted Image  I'v been changing a lot of stuff in a manner of speaking.
I'v been cutting out Guten, Soy and Dairy and trying to limit sugars (not going so well on that one..lolPosted Image ). I'v also havnt been picking at my skin (a litlle 'whithead management" was nessessary at times ) But over all my skin just keeps getting better! I just started my period so I'll admit, I'm a little worried about what my skin is going to do but even if it freaks, I'll just wait out the storm Posted Image.

Also, I bought the Olay facial hair removing system for a few fine hairs on my face tht im OCD about, but I was wondering: will removing hair on my face make my acne worse?  Any comments will be appreciated!
Delightfully, MePosted Image

if you have active acne on your face then facial hair removing might do some damage....how much damage depends on your type of skin. In my case, I have very thin pale white asian skin, using hair removal cream while have actives burnt it very badly and some little scarring was left after. It is safer to delay hair removing until your acne is no longer active or try using it so the cream does not actually cover any acne.Posted Image
Hey thanks for the tips! I wated untill I didnt have any active acne and it went well! A little burning sensation but no scars or anything :)

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