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Long Time No Write

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 12 July 2012 · 556 views

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Its been a while since I'v written, Life is so busy. Vacation was ok. I spent it wearing make up every single day before anyone saw me tho. My face was HORRIBLE.Posted Image

But anyways..I'm trying not to pick at my skin in hopes of it getting better (I feel like I'v said this before).Its really hard when you have blackheads tho..ugh I hate them!!!!!!
But I'v got those blackhead removing strips I'm going to use..I'm also going to try to up my water intake. I know one of the reasons My skin is so bad is I'm dehydrated...so yea.

Also...I'v been toying with wondering if I should go see a derm? I'v never gone beofre because I really don't want to be put on antibiotics. But at the same time..I'm really sick of this. And my skin is actually better than it has been..but i just cant take it anymore. I dont know what I'm going to do about that.

Anyways, I'm going back on my diet to lose weigh...I kind of fell of the wagon during vacation...I was too depressed about my face and I'm an emotional eaterPosted Image

But oh well..

Don't be afraid to kill an infestation of bacteria with a simple anti-biotic. Take advantage of all that modern medicine has to offer. Amoxicillin cures me of cystic acne altogether. I never breakout anymore. Going to a dermatologist is going to be a huge relief for you. He or she may prescribe a variety of medications and you will see improvement within 4 weeks I would say. Ask for spironolactone, an anti-biotic with low side effects like Amoxil or Keflex, everything else made me puke. (sorry for the gross details) Erythromycin did nothing for my skin, and neither did doxycycline hyclate, minocin or tetracycline.

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