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Face and Body

Failure And New Hope

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 10 February 2012 · 181 views

Ok so yesterday evening really was a bust....But I'm going to pretend it didnt happen and move on.

Breakfast: About 500 calories

Lunch: I'm going to have a salad

Dinner: I'm going to dinner with friends so I'm only allowing myself ONE peice of pizza.

My face is looking like crap today and I'll be going to the movie with...

Once Apon A Time...

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 09 February 2012 · 187 views

I have supper fair skin, I worry about premature aging, I'm 5'4, 142lbs and I need to lose weight. I have mild to moderate acne, I scar like you wouldnt believe and my skin is oily and I cant not pick at it. So yea, This is my blog (which I will only prob read) I wrote a much more detailed post earlier but lost it some how so.. yea. these are the...

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