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I Think I May Have Found It?

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 26 July 2012 · 580 views
olay spin brushacne, blackheads and 1 more...
Ok so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush "thingy" for...a week now?? And I'v got to say. It's really working. I still have acne but it's getting better and considering where I am in my cycle my face is AMAZING.Posted Image
I'm working on not picking...

Pretty Impressive For A Spin Brush Thingy....

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 21 July 2012 · 1,433 views
acne, hormonal acne, blackheads
Ok, so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush PRO-X Spin Brush "thingy". And, I'm really impressed. I'm on my period and I usually have alot of hormonal acne going on about right now, but everywhere that they've threatened to popped up the brush ran them off!!!!!! I did go a little crazy on my nose last...

Olay Pro-X Spin Brush Thingy..

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 19 July 2012 · 1,680 views
acne, blackheads, whiteheads and 2 more...
Ok. so the other day I purchased the Olay Pro-x Spin Brush. 32$ its like a clarsonic brush thingy. I used it last night and this morning and I have to say that first: I LOVE the way it feels. so soft and gentlePosted Image
Second: I was really worried about the exfoliation...


Posted by A damsel in Distress, 17 July 2012 · 334 views
acne, olay spin brush
I'v been contemplating getting the Olay PRO-X spin brush thingy. Any thoughts??????Posted Image

Long Time No Write

Posted by A damsel in Distress, 12 July 2012 · 555 views
picking, acne, water intake and 2 more...
Its been a while since I'v written, Life is so busy. Vacation was ok. I spent it wearing make up every single day before anyone saw me tho. My face was HORRIBLE.Posted Image

But anyways..I'm trying not to pick at my skin in hopes of it getting better (I feel like I'v...

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